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Michelle Piergoelam

Art photographer who makes poetic and dreamlike photography. Images where cultural traditions, stories and scenery are intertwined. Conscious use of native stories to tell the cultural importance as a way to witness culture and history. 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Upcoming New Dutch Photography Talent 2020 Group exhibition, Amsterdam, December 2019 

'A series of contradictions' Group exhibition Forgetful Number, The Hague, January 2019

Group exhibition Forgetful Number, Novi Sad, March 2018

Graduation group exhibition, University of Applied Photography, Rotterdam, June 2016 

Awards / Nominations

New Dutch Photography Talent 2020


2019 I heard water holds a secret

On the occasion of the 'A series of contradictions' Group exhibition, 24 / 27th January, 2019


Royal Academy of Art The Hague (Since 2016)

University of Applied Photography Rotterdam (2013 - 2016)


Alexander Sporre

Paul Berends

Nancy Schoenmakers


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